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Diffusion 3 - VRayforC4D Materials

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40 Premium VRayforC4D materials. Image-based. DR-Ready

Compatibility: Cinema 4D R12+ | VRayforC4D 1.8+. Textures compatible with any 3D software and render engine

Whats in the pack?

These 40 realistic materials cover popular architectural, leather, metal, stone and wooden surfaces. Every material is image based, allowing you to utilise your favourite render engine without any compromise of quality. Be sure to check out the full gallery and get a closer look at these materials.

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Redefining Renders

We’re proud to present the new age in CG materials – Diffusion 3. With over four months in development, these image-based materials will enhance every render. A staggering 6K resolution (6144 x 6144px) for every material as well as a wide range of architectural surfaces, this collection is a must-have for any studio.

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